ISRAEL: March 26 - April 5, 2021

After you have read the Tour Conditions, please print this form, fill it out and mail with your payment.

PERSON #1: Full name (first, middle and last names as it appears on your passport) 

PERSON #2: Full name (same as above) and relationship to above:

Home Address 




State + Zip

Person #1 Cell phone

Person #2 Cell phone


Person #1 Email address

Person #2 Email address

Person #1- Nametag (informal/nickname):

Person #2- Nametag (informal/nickname):

Person #1 - Any dietary restrictions?


Person #2 - Any dietary restrictions?

Emergency contact (if different for person #2, please add on back of form)

(1) Name

(2) Relationship  
(3) City, ST 
(4) Phone (5) Cell phone


NOTE:  Passports are required for this trip and cannot expire within 6 months of the return date.


Passport #1: _____________________

(first name as appears on passport)

Passport being applied for;
info will be sent to WWE when received.

Passport #2: _____________________

(first name as appears on passport)

Passport being applied for;
info will be sent to WWE when received.

Passport #
Issue date
Expiration date
Birthplace (State)

Birth date
ISRAEL TOUR: March 26-April 5, 2021

Option 1: Full Tour (with int'l flights) $4,299.00 each

 Total persons:


x  ___  =


Option 2: Land Only (no int'l flights) $3,199.00 each

NOTE: If you're interested in obtaining your own international flights, it is very important that you contact us before booking your flights so we can be sure you won't miss any events.

x  ___  =

Traveling alone?  Single room supplement: additional $997.00 = 

If you are a single traveler but have arranged a roommate, who are you rooming with?

Total Tour Costs:

Amount Enclosed (Payable to WWE):

Minimum $300 non-refundable deposit per person


Final payments are due by December 26, 2021


PAYMENTS:  Final payment is due December 26, 2021, which is 90 days before the departure date.


CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: WWE accepts credit card payments for an additional processing fee of 3.7%. Please call the WWE office for this service at 704.277.9891.


CANCELLATIONS:  See Policies and Conditioins for this information.


TRAVEL INSURANCE:  WWE strongly suggests the you obtain travel insurance in case of an emergency cancellation since WWE is not able to refund any money.  You may purchase this through your personal travel agent or any online agency, but you might also want to check Gallagher Charitable for this service. Visit their website at or call them at 803-758-1400.

I have carefully read all the information pertaining to this tour including the Policy and Conditions and agree to its conditions. This includes compliancy with the COVID restrictions which will be in effect at the time of the tour, both in Israel and the USA.

 Signature:  ____________________________________   Date: _____________________ 

      Send this completed form with check payable to:

WWE, PO BOX 471011, CHARLOTTE, NC 28247-1011

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