Seminars : How to Figure Out People Who Aren't Like You



Build Stronger Relationships By
How to Figure Out People Who Aren't Like You

" perfectly joined together in mind and thought."
(I Corinthians 1:10)

God has made us all unique teammates. We are diverse in abilities, functions, gifts, dispositions and personality traits. Each of us is needed for the smooth workings of the church, home and workplace. God made us, like pieces of a puzzle, in our different sizes and shapes to come together for the glory of Jesus Christ. Too often, however, our differences lead to conflict and incompatibility. We simply have problems dealing with some people and situations. It's because of these people problems that this conference has been designed.

Put the Pieces Together

  • During your live conference you will learn new insights about yourself, your family, co-workers and friends that will help you love and serve others more effectively.
  • Sharpen your perception of other personalities to see each person as a unique individual.
  • Understand why people act the way they do, and how to anticipate their actions.
  • Minimize tension in relationships and learn how to relate to difficult people.
  • Realize the freedom in being yourself and in allowing others to be who they are.

See the Whole Picture

Using a highly effective personality discovery tool, you'll learn about your own God-given strengths and talents. The insights you'll gain will reveal more about yourself than you've ever learned before. Identify your ideal work environment, relational needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Understanding Others
You'll gain a clearer understanding of the basic personality types and how each is motivated most effectively. You'll discover why those closest to you react the way they do.

Improving Relationships
You'll learn practical skills for building stronger relationships. In a move far beyond the personality profiles, you'll discover how to apply all you've learned as you love, serve and relate to others.

"Accept one another then, just as Christ accepted you."
(Romans 15:7)

Jesus' acceptance of us is unconditional. He affirms us as unique and distinct persons. We haven't been made for discord that divides and destroys relationships. In just a few short hours, your Solving the People Puzzle conference-starting with the foundation of Scriptural principles-will give you people skills that will stay with you for a lifetime. No matter what role you fill in life-spouse, boss, employee, parent, child, teacher, friend-you will add to the knowledge you already have about the people in your life, and discover how to make all your relationships grow and flourish.