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Marriage Seminar


Walt & Patti





           Walt and Patti Wiley

How To Get Your Mate To Be Like You
So You'll Both Be Perfect

This humorous yet discerning look at marital relationships comes from a different perspective. Living as husband and wife, though God's idea, is not easy. Amazingly, most couples can name the basic problems they face in marriage because they are the same ones their parents and grandparents faced. Why do these issues continue to persist? Walt and Patti say it is because we haven't faced up to something else, something very subtle that created wedges in our relationships, made our marriages something God never intended, and prevents us from solving the challenges we know exist.

Available Sessions: 

Session 1 - Are we different? Let me count the ways.

Session 2 - What was that all about?

Session 3 - Who is this person?

Session 4 - Where did they get that?

The Leaders:

Walt and Patti Wiley met in college and have been married over 40 years. They reside in Charlotte, North Carolina and have two grown sons. Walt is originally from Philadelphia and is the founder of Winning With Encouragement. His background is in coaching and speaking/teaching. He served on the staff of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries and has for many years been involved in sports ministry, having served as the chapel representative with the Atlanta Braves for 14 years. Patti, who grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, loves gardening and reading and serves as director of their church's preschool program.