Seminars : How to Encourage

How to Encourage

To encourage means to hearten, to inspire, to incite or motivate. The person who possesses courage ‘has heart,’ whereas the person who encourages ‘gives heart.’ Just a glimpse into one’s world of influence will sadly reveal scores of individuals who need heart, the courage to get them through a particular situation or through the day.

Unfortunately, too few people actually take the responsibility to investigate where or how they could be a source of encouragement. Yet encouraging others should be on our minds each day and should be a priority of every parent, spouse, employer, every neighbor and every church member.


Encouragement is not the responsibility of the gifted few ...
it is the privilege of every believer.

— Larry Crabb


How to Encourage is a study in the gratifying art of encouraging. It is an entertaining yet subtle reminder to be an encourager, offering practical suggestions on how to go about it. It scrutinizes the life of one of the world’s greatest and best known encouragers, looking for clues on how he did it. His brief story is conveniently found in the Bible and a study of his life reveals the attributes of an encourager, things we have read but somehow got past us.

Topics Addressed:

  • The obstacles to being an encourager.
  • The four best ways to encourage.
  • How to start the process.
  • How to find those who need encouragement.

The information presented will remarkably serve as an impetus for everyone to immediately apply the truths they have received and start the process of being something they knew they should have been all along: an encourager.