Seminars : Finding Encouragement in a Discouraging World



Finding Encouragement in a Discouraging World

According to the dictionary, to be discouraged is to be deprived of courage, confidence or energy. Sadly, that describes too many of us today, even those who claim to be followers of Christ. It’s easy to feel that way when you are inundated by the news, overcome with circumstances and consumed with yourself. Conversely, to be encouraged means to have heart, to have courage, to be inspired and motivated, yes, even in the midst of life’s circumstances. Is it possible to feel that way in today’s world?

Yes, and it’s a matter of focus. I can focus on what my world says is important, or I can focus on those things that are significant to God. By making that one adjustment it’s amazing what can happen. By doing so individuals have experienced personal transformation and have altered how they view life.

So what is important to God? This 4-part teaching takes listeners to four stories found in the Bible that subtly reveal what really matters to God. You’ll be surprised by what is discovered and even more surprised by what takes place in your life when those things become a priority. Know what will happen? You’ll will find yourself being encouraged in a discouraging world.