Seminars : The Encouragement Seminar

The Encouragement Seminar

Many people look at themselves in the mirror and see someone they feel is unimportant. Often, they see a disappointed person, an unfulfilled person; they see someone who has not been able to keep pace. Frequently, they are not comfortable with themselves and their conclusions cripple them from being and enjoying as God intended.

When you observe society and listen carefully, you will quickly see that there are at least five factors used to determine a person's significance. The Encouragement Seminar points out those factors and compares them with what the Lord says. Since "the Lord does not see as man sees," what does God think? What does God consider to be significant? In studying the actions and reactions of Jesus, this study reveals the five characteristics or practices that truly make a person important in God's eyes. The seminar will both encourage and challenge.


The first session seeks to define significance and discusses the ways we determine whether we are significant or not. Four general observations concerning who and what is significant is bound to bring encouragement to listeners.

Session 2:

In this session we see Jesus interacting with a group of civic leaders, and we see Him react strongly to a trait He observes in another. While the city fathers are enamored with one thing, Jesus is enthusiastic about something they never noticed. What He saw and pointed out just might be the most significant trait someone could ever possess. What did Jesus see?

Session 3:

One of Jesus' disciples is between a rock and a hard place. Should He do what Jesus told him or should he follow his instincts and common sense and do what others would think is important? What that disciple did reminds us of a quality of consequence that God deems very important. This story also points out the rewards that come with practicing that significant feature in your own life. What did that disciple do?

Session 4:

Two faithful followers of the Lord approach an event in two different ways and ask Jesus to decide which one is right and which is wrong. Jesus quickly obliges and in doing so He calls attention to a quality that when practiced makes the participant very significant in His eyes. What was the person doing that was so important?

Session 5:

An unnamed lady is involved in a mundane task, something she did all the time. No one paid her any attention because what she was doing was not that significant... or was it? Jesus not only noticed what she did, He pointed her out as an example of a trait He thinks is extremely important. When others saw nothing, what did Jesus see?

Session 6:

Five men did something in a small town that had everyone talking. One of the eyewitnesses was none other than Jesus Himself. However, what He saw was different from what the others saw. What had the townspeople talking? Their excitement over what happened prevented them from seeing something Jesus saw-something very significant. What was it?