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Our group thoroughly enjoyed the video series! The teaching modeled the principles of servant leadership. The material was easy to use and generated excellent discussion. All of us walked away with what we needed to become better leaders. I wholeheartedly recommend this video course to any group of leaders.

-John Houchens, Vice President of Ministry Advancement of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, after recently facilitating "The Look of the Leader" Video Series with a group of church leaders.

The Look of the Leader

Available on CD and DVD

Whether you oversee a business, a church, a small group, a classroom or a family, we are convinced this seminar will make you more effective. You will see leadership in action, learn new insights and be challenged to do it just like God has said all along. When you leave you'll either be looking for a place to lead or rethinking how you are doing it now.

The Look of the Leader follows a man named Nehemiah as he leads his people in the challenging quest of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem .

The Look of the Leader takes you to a construction site where a group of workers are completing a task in record time. At the site you observe harmony, efficiency, success, and fulfillment -- things you seldom witness in the world where you live. When you ask how this can be, you are told to "look at the leader." This course examines the leadership of this successful venture, and looks beyond what and who to how. This enables you not only to see the process and techniques that enhance an atmosphere of accomplishment, but more importantly, it enlightens you regarding a leadership style that pleases God and allows followers to succeed and be fulfilled.

Use your ears and listen in...use your eyes and "look at the leader."

Sessions include:

Session Title Speaker Time
Session 1 A Vision to Consider Walt Wiley
~ 61 minutes
Session 2 A Goal to Continue Walt Wiley ~ 37 minutes
Session 3 A Plan to Complete David Hodge ~ 50 minutes
Session 4 A Style to Convey Walt Wiley ~ 52 minutes
Session 5 A Pattern to Conform Walt Wiley ~ 46 minutes
Session 6 How You Lead David Hodge ~ 26 minutes

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