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Get Started
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Book by: Walt Wiley

The prophet Isaiah encouraged us to "seek the Lord while He may be found." In order to encourage you to be doing that while at the same time assist you in the process, Winning With Encouragement has produced this book containing 31 days of personal devotions with the Lord. This unique publication, created by Walt Wiley, is designed to help you include God in your day.

Bible themes are introduced utilizing the best of "The Wit and Wisdumb of Walt Wiley" articles -- quirky, offbeat, quasi-humorous observations that have appeared in The Winner, WWE's monthly newsletter that appears three times a year. It's a great tool for people who may never have thought about attempting to include God or God-thoughts in their day (Get Started). This tool can also be just the ticket for people who used to regularly bring God into their day but may have drifted away from that practice (Get Back). Or it can be a perfect fit for people who would never consider missing a daily time with the Lord but might be open to a different approach for 31 days (Keep Going).

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"Get Started. Get Back. Keep Going." Book
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"Get Started. Get Back. Keep Going." Book

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"Get Started. Get Back. Keep Going." Book

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