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Encouragement: The Art of Giving, The Joy of Receiving
Book by: Walt Wiley

In an enlightening, humorous and entertaining way, WWE President Walt Wiley talks about something everyone needs, especially during these days: ENCOURAGEMENT!

Walt outlines 4 ways you can encourage others while bringing encouragement to you through real-life stories. You’ll read it and look for someone to encourage, and in the process, feel good about yourself.

The book retails for $19.99, but it can be yours for the new-release price of $15.

Consider purchasing copies for your friends. 10 or more: $10 each

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A Video Resource Designed for Small Groups:

A Glimpse of the Land / A Look At Your Heart
Available on DVD and Blu-Ray
Filmed live in Israel. Learn about the land and meet Bible personalities whose stories and struggles you'll relate to. You and your group will learn, and what you see and hear is bound to spark discussion. Accompanied by a helpful leader's guide.
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The Look of the Leader
CDs and Workbooks Available
Whether you oversee a business, a church, a small group, a classroom or a family, we are convinced this seminar will make you more effective. You will see leadership in action, learn new insights and be challenged to do it just like God has said all along. When you leave you'll either be looking for a place to lead or rethinking how you are doing it now.
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How to Get Your Mate to Be Like You ... So You'll Both Be Perfect
Available on CD
Many couples never experience marriage the way God intended it. Why? This humorous yet discerning look at marriage identifies the major contributing factor that has made marriage a crazy institution where many on the outside want in and many on the inside want out. This is a different approach to an old subject with lots of practical suggestions from the creator of marriage, God Himself.
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Effectively Handling All That You Have
5-part Serives - Available on CD
We've all been given gifts. Many people have special talents, others have lots of stuff, and even more find themselves in unique and extraordinary positions. So what am I to be doing with all of that? How do I know if I am handling what I've been given well, or am I using it selfishly? We have five answers that will help you live peacefully with what you've got.
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Standing Out In The Crowd
4-part Serives - Available on CD
All of us are building something. Think about it: We are building a life, a relationship, a marriage, a family, a career, a company, a church ... and the list goes on. You are no doubt doing it with people who, like you, want to succeed. What are they counting on you to bring to the table, and what is it that you are trusting them to bring? What will it take for you to be a positive contributor where you are building and, as a result, stand out in the crowd? The answers will be revealed in this series.
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Gonna Need a Leader Here Get Started. Get Back. Keep Going.
Author: Walt Wiley
The prophet Isaiah encouraged us to “seek the Lord while He may be found”. In order to encourage you to be doing that while at the same time assist you in the process, Winning With Encouragement has produced this book containing 31 days of personal devotions with the Lord. This unique publication, created by Walt Wiley, is designed to help you include God in your day.
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Gonna Need a Leader Here Gonna Need a Leader Here
Author: Walt Wiley
What's the book about? It's a reminder that around us are countless people who need you and are counting on you. Their facial expressions cry out, "Gonna need a leader here." They are at the office, in your neighborhood and in your home. IT reminds us that there are countless opportunities for us to lead. The book offers 5 suggestions for you to make that happen. It also provides stories of real people who have done that and it includes over 200 quotes to inspire and motivate you to do so. It is a challenge to all people to discover a position of leadership that is staring them in the face and jump in.
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The Power of an Encouraging Word
Author: Ken Sutterfield
A unique collection of stories that illustrate the effects our words have on seemingly average situations. Best-selling author Ken Sutterfield is convinced that encouragement is the key to happier lives.
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Additional Products - Audio CDs

Talks by Walt Wiley
Includes "Facing Storms in Our Lives", "How to Spot a Christian", "Struggling With Prayer", "What It Means to be a Christian", "What Robs Us of Our Passion", "What Really Matters to God", "The Man Who Was Different," "A Man and His Family," and "Here He Comes ... Again." Choose the link below for the complete listing of Walt's talks.
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